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Case Study: Strategic Planning & Execution Roadmap

What Our Client Needed

Following national elections, a public office needed to develop a strategic action plan that would deliver on their campaign promises and support the governing party’s overarching directives.

Aquilae CG’s deep expertise in developing strategic plans and expansive experience in designing interactive workshops were highly valued by the client.

Our Solution

Aquilae CG conducted a landscape analysis and benchmarking assessment to identify potential strategic actions around the client’s distinct set of goals. We leveraged our robust prioritization framework to aid in the evaluation of strategic actions.

With this approach we established a high degree of consensus and buy-in for the finalized strategic plan. In addition, we developed a complementary execution roadmap to enable the public office to effectively and efficiently implement their strategic plan.

Our Impact

Our work on the strategic plan allowed the public office’s actions to become more purpose-driven and consistent in their external perception. The execution roadmap facilitated the incremental delivery of key achievements and governing party directives.


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