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We work with a variety of private and public sectors to create value by driving innovation and enabling transformations. We routinely apply our capabilities across a few specialty sectors:


We support private investors and private equity firms in navigating and seizing investment opportunities. We provide transaction-related services such as due diligence support with an emphasis on commercial due diligence.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare systems around the world are facing immense pressures: the changing nature of disease burdens, digital disruption, citizen expectations of care, and cost growth. We work with healthcare systems to tackle challenges through the implementation of value-based health care, data and digital transformation, payment reform, and operational transformations to drive more effective performance and enhanced outcomes.

Value in healthcare is generated by delivering better health outcomes at the same, or even lower, cost. Healthcare organizations can create value by digitizing and providing digital solutions, such as telemedicine and remote monitoring, that not only improve the patient experience but also efficiency. Improving operations in a way that creates value allows for sustainable growth. We work with payers to achieve operational excellence, IT innovation, delayering, change management and profitability improvement.

We support life science pharmaceutical companies in fulfilling their mission of delivering life-changing medicines and therapies. We help optimize new product launches, support pricing strategies, and develop sales and marketing initiatives based on market and customer insights
We support you with company-wide, business unit, and therapeutic-area level product portfolio strategies by determining which alliances or M&A activity to pursue, which assets to prioritize and deprioritize


Public Sector

We support public sector organizations with regards to transforming processes, achieving progress, improving transparency, and focusing on people. We provide roadmaps to choose the right delivery models to achieve the organizational vision. We craft communication strategies to gain buy-in of stakeholders and maintain their support along the journey.

Innovation can drive economic development, such as job creation, entrepreneurship, talent and ecosystems, but requires investment and streamlined bureaucracy as well as developing comprehensive, long-term strategies. 
Embracing new technologies such as AI or blockchain can facilitate innovation and accelerate economic de
velopment. Your innovation strategy may leverage changes in organizational structures, capabilities, governance, work processes and culture to ultimately better experiences and outcomes for citizens.

We work with public sector organizations to improve current services and processes to open new doors and build better solutions for their customers. Improving the status quo also includes strengthening public-private partnerships where the public sector and private sector together drive better outcomes as well as develop a climate for foreign direct investment. The key to these partnerships is designing solutions to spark interest from private companies.
We enable public sector organizations, at all levels, to do more with less by optimizing pricing and revenue management.


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