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Case Study: Restructuring Strategy for a Subsidiary to Meet Organization’s Vision

What Our Client Needed

While the client’s company was well underway in achieving their 5-year strategic plan from a product portfolio perspective, the organizational structure did not optimally support the expanded product portfolio.

Aquilae CG’s extensive experience in providing external support in assessing the current organizational structure and identifying areas of improvement were highly valued by the client.

Our Solution

Aquilae CG leveraged a combination of approaches, including a landscape assessment to benchmark the organizational structures of other, similar companies as well as an evaluation of the current structural organization.

With this approach we pinpointed several key organizational issues and identified corresponding improvements that would address these issues.

Our Impact

We developed a more purpose-driven organizational plan which entailed the establishment of two separate business units and the restructuring of roles within each. The new organizational structure addressed the key gaps and reflected best practice in the industry.

Our client’s new organizational structure enabled the individual business units to more effectively and efficiently tackle the business workstreams needed to ensure the success of each product.


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