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Organizational Strategy & People Excellence

Operational Strategy

Your organizational purpose rests at the intersection of who you are and what need you fulfill in the world. It’s the underlying reason your organization exists. Your organizational purpose is timeless and considers your organization in the contexts of its ecosystem.


In contrast, your vision and mission may change over time. Your vision focuses on where you’re headed (i.e. the next big mountain to climb), while your mission defines what you do (i.e. what you do each day to climb the mountain). 

We support you by identifying the intersection of your organization’s strengths and the need in the world your organization is uniquely positioned to fill. Following this we craft a purpose statement and story. It’s not only important to identify and prioritize where you can put your purpose into action every day, but also continually measure the impact of having lived that purpose across your organization.

Aside from your organizational purpose, we help you craft your organizational vision and mission. 
We also develop communication to support change management / organizational innovation, brand purpose, employer value propositions and commitments to social impact

People Excellence

We support you in developing your people strategy that focuses on talent development, re-skilling and up-skilling.

To that end, we start by identifying the capabilities required and thereby pinpointing key gaps that exist and specific cohorts affected to ultimately develop a roadmap in how to build those capabilities. Based on this roadmap, we outline customized learning and development programs to future-proof your workforce. 

Furthermore, we advise on how to build appropriate platforms to enable and sustain talent development.

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