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Customer Insights & Product Strategy

We develop customer insights to identify solutions that create value for your organization. We interpret insights and distill them into actionable and business-relevant imperatives. 

We accomplish this by putting customer insights into context of the competitive environment and your organization’s resources to define critical strategies and actions. 


  • Discovering unmet customer needs as well as identifying motivations and pain points

  • Identifying true drivers of customer satisfaction

  • Assessing customer usage and attitudes toward different categories of offerings

  • Defining customer archetypes based on drivers of choice

  • Understanding customer journeys and pathways


Product & Brand:

  • Enhancing brand positioning

  • Optimizing product portfolios

  • Redesigning optimal products, services, or experiences

  • Innovating new products, services, or experiences 



  • Identifying growth and demand acceleration opportunities

  • Identifying and sizing demand spaces or segments of customer demand

  • Informing pricing and promotion strategies

  • Creating a go-to-market strategy 

  • Devising key value propositions specific to customer segments and target

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