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Digital Strategy & Emerging Technologies

The rate of digital innovation and emerging technologies are requiring even the strongest adaptors to continually master new capabilities and develop more agile processes. 

We support you by developing a digital strategy roadmap that is customized to your situation and creates value for your organization by answering several key questions:

  • Digital vision: How is digital changing your industry? What new offerings, operating models, and business models can it enable? What new rivals can it empower?

  • Competitive advantage assessment: How is digital affecting competitive advantage? Where are we well positioned? Where are we disadvantaged?

  • Prioritized list of digital opportunities: Which digital opportunities are consistent with your business strategy and your capabilities? In what order should you pursue them?

  • Gap analysis: Based on your opportunities, what gaps in capabilities, organization, and systems need to be filled to win?

  • Transformation roadmap: What are the timelines, targets, and accountabilities for each of your programs? What moves are needed to fund the journey?

Furthermore, we help you by benchmarking your adoption of digital solutions and capability to implement them:

  • We conduct a benchmark assessment across three digital categories: personalized customer experiences and relationships; operational excellence (in which business processes and operations are heavily augmented by machines and AI); and innovative offerings, services, and business models.

  • Benchmarking is not only a useful tool at the onset of your digital transformation journey but also allows your organization to digital growth to identify where you’re gaining traction and where you’re falling behind

Emerging technologies are ways to innovate to ensure tomorrow’s growth and include machine intelligence (AI, voice recognition), biological engineering, edge computing, augmented / virtual reality, decentralization (cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers).

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